Actors Needed for Political Satire. Paid.

at culturesafe
Location anywhere in Berlin, Germany
Date Posted 14. March 2018
Category Miscellaneous
Job Type Freelance
Street + Number Sixtusgarten 2,
City Berlin


We're shooting the teaser for a new feature film concept. Being an actor in the teaser DOESN'T automatically mean you get the role in the final film, but it doesn't hurt your chances. For the teaser we have a budget of €200 for each actor for a maximum of 8 hours work.Filming Timetable: Flexible. Between 20.3 - 20.4
We need each actor for 8 hours at the most.
The accents have to be perfect (except maybe for the Swedish chef).

1. Brenda Whitehouse. Secret Service Agent. East Coast, Midwest, or West Coast American accent.
25-36 years old.
Smart, athletic, slim and very photogenic. Cold as ice.

2. Maston Steel. Secret Service Agent. American southern drawl.
25-35 years old. All-American square-jawed blond/arian, obedient/dumb soldier type.

3. Vice President. East Coast, Midwest, or West Coast American accent.
45-60 years old. VP aura.

4. Marie Le Penn Character.
50-60 years old. French speaking

5. Queen Elizabeth Character. English
75-90 years-old.

6. Swedish Chef. English with a Swedish accent.
50-75 years old.

7. Trump's father. NY accent.
60-80 year's old.

Has to be almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

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