Looking For Cleaning People for Homes, Offices, Studios

at Sunshine Cleaning
Location Berlin Central Areas, Germany
Date Posted 21. May 2019
Category Miscellaneous
Job Type Freelance
Street + Number Hasenheide 89
City Berlin


We are a small cleaning agency based in Berlin Central Areas looking to hire cleaning people to work for customers around the city.
You need to have experience of cleaning in a work capacity. You also must be organised, speak fluent English and have a professional and friendly approach.The hours are flexible and the payment is 12e to 15e per hour.
We have a strong emphasis on building a schedule that works for you and creating a fair and caring work environment.We would initially meet for interview/coffee and then meet again for training so that you're clear on what's expected and how to meet those expectations when you start taking bookings.You need to be registered to work as a freelancer in Germany, otherwise we cannot legally offer you work.
You need to be punctual, have a professional approach and be organised.If this sounds like it might suit you, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please send an email to: hello@sunshine-cleaning.org
with your CV/summary of your experience. Please include whether you are registered to work on a freelance basis.Many thanks!